YESGO, Future Together


YESGO is CJ ENM’s initiative for a future lifestyle that aims to build a sustainable industry ecosystem where all our stakeholders can coexist.


YESGO is CJ ENM initiative for a future lifestyle that aims to build a sustainable business ecosystem where all related parties can coexist.


In 2022, CJ ENM Commerce Division declared YESGO initiative to pursue ESG management in collaboration with the society (YOU) and CJ ONSTYLE, encompassing partners, consumers, environment, employees, and local communities.


The future lifestyle with YESGO starts from expanding value consumption that considers the environment and society along with consumer values. As value consumption is enabled by a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, CJ ENM is preparing the future with our partners by establishing a system to support partners ESG and advancing shared growth programs. In addition, we are channeling great efforts to develop eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce plastic use and circulate resources, and are expanding investment to increase its usage. We are committed to create a new culture for the environmental(E), society(S), and corporate governance(G) as a companion and a Dream Keeper for the next generation and community members.


Accomplishing mutual growth with partners is a priority task to create a sustainable business ecosystem. CJ ENM Commerce Division held CJ ONSTYLE PARTNERS CLUB 2022 and promised KRW 10 billion in financial support to partners so that they can overcome the difficulties caused by the prolonged pandemic and economic recession. We also set up an integrated ESG support project for SME partners that face difficulties in introducing ESG management on their own. Working with the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership and the Korean Standards Association, we developed ESG Management Index customized for SME partners for the first time in the home shopping industry, providing an integrated program for introducing an ESG management system over a period of 6 months from professional ESG training to diagnosis and consulting. Partners participating in the Integrated ESG Support Project expressed their willingness to practice ESG management by joining the Pledge of Ethical Management Execution for Partners.


CJ ENM also launched the Eco-friendly Packaging Support Project for Partners to provide SME partners with free-of-charge eco-friendly packaging materials developed to support plastic reduction and resource recycling. Starting with paper tapes in 2022, we provide opportunities to introduce various eco-friendly packaging materials to SME partners who agreed to adopt eco-friendly packaging but have difficulties in introducing them on their own due to the cost burden. With more emphasis on ESG, the market demand for ESG certification such as ISO14001 is growing and the trends are changing rapidly. CJ ENM is working together to respond quickly to the changes brought by ESG by adding ESG certification cost support to the existing quality consulting and test cost discount program and publishing the ESG Trend Report to provide information about trends in each product category on a regular basis.