<You Quiz on the Block>, stories of our diverse lives

'You Quiz on the Block' is tvN entertainment show that invites ordinary people leading diverse lives in our society and have a conversation about their everyday lives. The guests vary from teenagers to young adults, the middle-aged, and the elderly. 


While talking with people from various sectors, the show focuses on unknown yet precious moments in our daily lives. It conveys laughter and empathy that is not intentionally elicited, as well as warm affection and general love for humanity.


The show is a representative example of Good Impact of Content by enlightening on different stories that are less-known or undervalued in our society. 


In celebration of the Hangeul Day (the day to commemorate the invention and the proclamation of Korean Alphabet), the show delivered a valuable lesson reinstating the importance and deep meaning of Hangeul by inviting foreign students and old students learning Hangul. When The Secret Double Life (episode 103) featured the story of a priest who runs a restaurant at an affordable price for young people in need, many viewers, including famous screenwriter Eun-sook Kim, not only supported but made donations to the place.


'You Quiz on the Block' continues to share diverse aspects of our society and takes the lead on spreading Good Impact through stories.