[BEHIND TALK] Giving Tips on Survival Programs You Won't Find Elsewhere! Behind-the-scenes of King Of Karaoke: VS

12월. 14. 2023

King Of Karaoke: VS (Hereinafter Karaoke VS) became a hot topic by combining karaoke with survival to create a new type of audition. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look into the production process shared by producers Park Chi-hun, Jung Woo-young, Hwang Doo-ha, and Kim Seong-pil, who say they never have a day off, handling everything from casting performers to filming and editing.  



King Of Karaoke: VS Making Talk



Q. How did you come up with planning Karaoke VS?

Producer Jung Woo-young: We all love karaoke, so we go often. One day, we went to karaoke and realized that the music rankings on the karaoke’s popularity chart were entirely different from those from music streaming platforms. That’s when we realized that the songs people want to sing and listen to are different, and we decided to plan a program that people can watch and sing along to. The program aims to find true vocalists hidden in karaoke and help them develop musically.



Q. What is the process behind the program’s production?

Producer Jung Woo-young: We deliver the final version three hours before the show and prepare for the following episode immediately. The trailer must be released promptly, so we must start editing immediately.


Producer Hwang Doo-ha: Due to the nature of survival programs, there is no set date for the shoot, and we tend to shoot frequently according to the cast’s schedules. We not only have individual shoots but also separate reality shoots for each team. So, we shoot every now and then and edit throughout the week. (Laugh)



From tips for passing the audition to points to look out for!


Q. What are the production team’s tips for passing the auditions?

Producer Jung Woo-young: Around 5,000 people applied, and among them, only 400 to 500 were able to proceed into the first preliminary round. Most of them claimed to be good singers, so picking them with only their skills was difficult. We usually gave the tickets to those who were both good singers and talented performers.  


Producer Park Chi-hun: Singing the songs of singers who appeared as judges actually became a negative factor. Since the original singer is the judge, the song is evaluated with stricter standards. For auditions, I recommend singing a song that isn’t too famous but has an impact.



Q. Were there any memorable participants?

Producer Jung Woo-young: Most participants had jobs irrelevant to music, such as corrections officers, physiotherapists, designers, lawyers, etc. I was impressed that people from all walks of life participated in realizing their hidden dreams. I commend them for challenging themselves sincerely. I don’t think I’d be able to do the same. 


Q. What are some points to look out for when watching Karaoke VS?

Producer Jung Woo-young: We deliberately cast producers from different genres because, apart from just judging, providing the opportunity for participants to develop musically through training as teams is a notable factor of our program. It will be great to focus on the growth of the participants and the chemistry between the producers. 


Producer Park Chi-hun: Since the participants are mostly ordinary people, they develop at different paces. A different person excels each time, depending on their respective styles and conditions. So, it’s entertaining to watch all the participants.


Producer Kim Seong-pil: For each mission, the producers would say, “Was this person this good?” They were fascinated. Just from this, you can tell there wasn’t a clear winner. Everyone had diverse charms to the point where it wouldn’t be weird regardless of whoever won.



King Of Karaoke: VS offers refreshing entertainment with a whole new audition method. The missions are becoming increasingly intense, and participants continue to improve. Who will win 100 million won and be named the best karaoke vocalist? Much love and attention will be appreciated until the end!




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