CJ E&M’s U.S. Version of <Grandpas Over Flowers> to Run a Second Season on NBC

11월. 30. 2017
CJ E&M announced that season 2 of the American version of the tvN entertainment program <Grandpas Over Flowers> entitled <Better Late Than Never> is to be aired in prime time by NBC. Season 2 will be broadcast every Monday at 9 PM EST, starting with the first broadcast on January 1st next year, with its special trailer set to be released on December 11th.
The American version entitled <Better Late Than Never> is about stars who at the twilight of their lives want to complete their bucket lists while traveling around the world. In this season, travel destinations are expanded to 7 cities in 5 countries, such as Munich, Berlin, Lithuania, Sweden, Barcelona, Madrid, and Morocco.
The cast includes Henry Winkler, who starred in the 1970s sitcom 'Happy Days,' William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek,' former football player Terry Bradshaw, host of ‘Fox NFL Sunday,' and world heavyweight champion George Foreman, with the ‘porter’ played by comedian Jeff Dye, who will show off fantastic chemistry.
In this season, the cast will enjoy a unique picnic at Munich's 'Nude Park,' reenact the famous scenes of 'The Sound of Music,' and visit special places that would revive their personal memories, in episodes that will evoke intense emotions and laughter among viewers at the same time. 

On top of that, the scheduled surprise appearances by legendary stars such as Bjorn Ulvaeus, a member of the world-famous pop group ABBA, and famous actor David Hasselhoff, are further intensifying anticipations for the series in the US. 

Seo Jang-ho, CJ E&M's Global Contents Business Division, said, ""The first episode of season 1 of the US version of <Grandpas Over Flowers> was so popular in the U.S., ranking first on all channels including the country’s four major broadcasters in the time slot, that season 2 is also scheduled for prime time,” stating, “We will continue our efforts to expand the influence of Korean content in the diversifying global market.” 

Meanwhile, <Grandpas Over Flowers>, which was the first Korean entertainment program to be remade on NBC, has been produced and aired in Italian, Turkish, Chinese, and Ukrainian versions, enjoying great popularity worldwide.