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Connecting Moments: Bridging the New Generation and
Gen Z and the Leader of the Entertainment
Scene, CJ ENM

Gen Z's Favorite
CJ ENM Contentcontents titleof the Month

Discover the content of the month that perfectly caters to Gen Z's trait of valuing time: Marry My Husband,
EXchange 3, and NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN that maximized immediate engagement
through multi-dimensional character portrayals!
Lee Hye-won Cho Hwi-hyun form EXCHANGE 3 of CJ ENM Entertainment show

Highest Digital

Fastest to surpass 6 million views with a single teaser
EXchange 3

Park Min-young from Marry My Husband of CJ ENM drama

Highest Viewership

Dominating #1 in teen viewership
Marry My Husband

SEVENTEEN Won-woo from NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN of CJ ENM Entertainment show

Most Buzzworthy Person

Leading the buzz in CJ ENM content

Highest Digital Views

Lee Hye-won Cho Hwi-hyun form EXCHANGE 3 of CJ ENM Entertainment show

Became a meme overnight with a single teaser & reached 6 million views in record time

EXchange 3 is a phenomenon among Gen Z. It called for the excitement and anticipation of viewers after the teaser was released, with it taking over the trends on X and turning into a meme. After the release of the first episode, it instantly became the number one contributor to people signing up for TVING! The accumulated view count for the first episode passed 6 million views in just 6 days. This is twice as fast as the first episode of Season 2.

ZEROBASEONE Sung Han-bin form EXCHANGE 3 challenge of CJ ENM Entertainment show

The line from the teaser pulled us in!

“If you had just said, ‘Honey, I’m sorry,’ I wouldn’t even be on this show.” The line can be applied to any couple and leave them with lingering, untold narratives, causing it to become a widespread meme. It's almost like a magical line that creates a plausible breakup narrative in minutes.

CJ ENM 예능 환승연애3 서동진 송다혜

As the viewers' curiosity continues to escalate upon seeing Da-hye crying all the time, the story of her 13-year relationship with Dong-jin is finally revealed. Watching people move onto other people is fun, but watching the process of exes wrapping up their relationship with one another is also the charm of EXchange, won't you say so?

Gen Z’s Authentic Reaction

  • “I can’t believe a single teaser video could make me feel all sorts of things. That line was the core of what EXchange is all about, and it even made me think back on my memories with my ex. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of story they had that made them say those words, and I got lost in my own world of imagination.”

  • “I unexpectedly sympathized seeing the cast shaken up by their exes while they lived together. Rather than meeting and adjusting to someone new, wouldn’t the comfort felt with their X, whose strengths and weaknesses they clearly know through personal experience, and the expectations and excitement of living together encourage them to dream of reuniting with their X?”

※ Source: OpenSurvey on men and women aged 15 to 27, 80 respondents in total.

LE SSERAFIM Official SNS form EXCHANGE 3 Reaction of CJ ENM Entertainment show

An unrivaled love story focused on one’s ex is what pulls people in

Could it be that Gen Z, who seek efficiency in everything, might be attracted to X because an ex-partner is someone with whom they can build a better relationship without having to waste time and explore anew in a society where every minute and second is essential? If you can’t stop going back and forth between love and regret when you think about your ex, blocking their number may be a good idea before you watch EXchange.

Find out more about EXchange 3.

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Highest Viewership Rating

Park Min-young from Marry My Husband of CJ ENM drama

First by a landslide in ratings among teens with multi-dimensional characters

Reaching a peak viewership rating of 10.5% by the sixth episode and placing first in ratings among teens, Marry My Husband is proving that it's the talk of the town on various online communities and social networks. It placed within Amazon Prime Video’s TOP 10 list, the first of K-dramas to do so, and is continuing to rise in global popularity! Thanks to the drama’s popularity, attention to the original webtoon resurfaced as well, and the turnover rose 17 times after the first episode. It topped the popularity survey of January because it became a hot topic among Gen Z in dire need of a dopamine rush with its non-frustrating storyline and villainous characters who showed off their phenomenal acting to pull viewers in.

AB6IX Lee Dae-hwi from Marry My Husband Parody of CJ ENM drama

We enjoyed the refreshing moments!

Some dramas are frustrating from start to finish, with just a rushed-up revenge plan executed at the end. But Marry My Husband is 100% ruthless from the very beginning, and its unobstructed, smooth plot seems to blow away the fatigue from everyday life. Just like the scene, “I have a piece of trash to discard...” that even Lee Dae-Hwi reenacted, please continue to keep us gratified!

Park Min-young from Marry My Husband of CJ ENM drama

What if you were to gain a cheat key that allows you to attempt a retry at life with the knowledge you have from your previous life? As expected, Kang Ji-won started by studying stocks as soon as she was given a second chance, and even Yoo Ji-hyuk purchased stocks despite his already rich status. A lot of Gen Z was jealous about this, yet felt it thrilling as well!

Gen Z’s Authentic Reaction

  • “As a true fan who has binge-watched the webtoon, web novel, and audio-book version of Marry My Husband, I was half excited and half concerned when I first heard the news about the drama production. But what I had found odd in the webtoon was well adapted, and thanks to the insane acting, it’s so much fun, even when I already know the whole story!”

  • “I found myself falling into the story 1000% because of the phenomenal acting from the actors. I even thought to myself, ‘Maybe they should slow it down a little.’ Park Min-young, who dropped to 37kg for the drama, and Lee Yi-kyung, who pulled off the shocking ‘Physical Conversation’ scene in episode 2, made me understand why rumors about his retirement surfaced.”

※ Source: OpenSurvey on men and women aged 15 to 27, 80 respondents in total.

Na In-woo from Marry My Husband of CJ ENM drama

Their success comes from relatable characters and non-frustrating storyline

People had expected another cliché time-slip drama, but it’s actually a refreshing story of gratifying revenge against trashy villains, thanks to the actors sincere portrayal of their characters. However, the real dopamine party starts now! Since you got rid of Yoo Ji-hyuk's frustrating horn-rimmed glasses, the world is your oyster, Kang Ji-won!"

Find out more about Marry My Husband.

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Most Buzzworthy Person

SEVENTEEN Won-woo from NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN of CJ ENM Entertainment show

The hottest CJ ENM content that put SEVENTEEN first in the Idol Brand Reputation Rankings

The NANA TOUR effect put SEVENTEEN first in the January Idol brand Reputation Rankings and first on CJ ENM’s Most Buzzworthy Person ranking. It struck a chord in the hearts of CARAT with its moments that showcased the members well and was so fun that even Gen Z viewers who weren’t fans became ones through NANA TOUR. For Gen Z, who is constantly pursuing romance and adventure, seeing SEVENTEEN enjoying the situation they were thrown into, despite the inconvenience, felt like youth itself.

SEVENTEEN Seung-kwan from NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN of CJ ENM Entertainment show

We liked the triangular push-and-pull relationship

BOO SEUNG-KWANtrol, who always showed self-control through thorough self-care, opened his eyes to the delicious dishes in Italy, the country of taste, and enjoyed true happiness! The way he let loose gave happiness and provided something new for fans while giving healing and laughter to general viewers.

NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN of CJ ENM Entertainment show

Many points touched the hearts of fans to the point of thinking that all the staff members might be a CARAT. From the 17-second teasers, captions overflowing with love and true healing moments from the members... They didn't miss out on showing the new sides of my bias that I thought I knew well, along with the parts I already loved about them.

Gen Z’s Authentic Reaction

  • “Usually, when you watch variety shows, the production team enjoys flustering the cast by creating the trickiest situation possible. But in Producer Na's shows, you can see the production team getting caught in their own traps, which I find hilarious. A production crew that enjoys suffering, are you perhaps masochists?! ♡”

  • “MIN-GYU regretted walking around half-naked on NANA TOUR that he asked Producer Shin Hyo-jung to cover him up. However, the producer said that their production costs would be equivalent to Avatar if they were to use CGI to cover him up and rejected his request. It was fun to see the honest push and pull between the cast and the producers.

※ Source: OpenSurvey on men and women aged 15 to 27, 80 respondents in total.

NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN of CJ ENM Entertainment show

Moments from the cast members that can only be seen on NANA TOUR was its popularity point

With each episode, the show made its way onto the Trending Topics on X, showing SEVENTEEN and the production team’s ability to keep the popularity going. It caught the hearts of fans by showing moments that make you suspect if the staff members are all CARATs and sides of the members that even fans didn’t know. The six-night and seven-day trip with SEVENTEEN. Did they survive until the end? Tune in to find out!

Find out more about NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN.

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