[BEHIND TALK] Enjoy a Night-Long Talk with Your Besties, Girls Night Out

7월. 07. 2023

A Night-long ranking talk show with your best friends, Girls Night Out, airs every Monday night on Mnet. Joining forces with main producer Jung Kyoung-wook, the dynamic trio of Jang Do-yeon, Jo Hyun-ah, and Yena bring their unbeatable bestie chemistry to the forefront, sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes tales like never before!  


Say goodbye to conventional ranking shows made by the producers alone! Girls Night Out is an engaging ranking show that revolves around the concept of staying up all night, engaging in lively discussions about rankings personally chosen by idols who have graced Mnet programs. This program was specifically designed to offer viewers relatable real-life experiences, fostering a casual and comfortable atmosphere that resembles an intimate conversation between friends rather than a rigid news program.


In every episode, the three hosts, Jang Do-yeon, Jo Hyun-ah, and Yena, are joined by new idol guests as they engage in a captivating night-long conversation on Girls Night Out. 



What will be the "personal best" topic chosen by the hosts?

Girls Night Out explores a variety of topics that have sparked quite the buzz, from secret celebrity date spots to the most extravagant celebrity auctions and even the most expensive land in the world! Let's find out which topics each host was most interested in!


Jang Do-yeon : From singing "Because You're My Woman" to confessing your love in public... I really enjoyed the episode about “the worst ways to ask someone out” because we were able to see genuine reactions from idols.


Choi Yena : I remember the 7.2 million won garbage can from the “useless yet expensive items” episode. I never knew that all of these expensive things even existed.


Jo Hyun-ah : I was particularly fascinated by the topic of proposals and weddings, but all the topics on our show are entertaining! :)



A Side Ranking Talk on Girls Night Out


Q. Who surprised you the most with a different image than what you had expected?

Jang Do-yeon : Producer Jung! At first, I thought he would be quiet and stoic. But as we filmed more episodes, I discovered his adorable side. Despite his busy schedule, he always takes the time to check on us and show his caring nature. It made me realize what a genuinely kind person he is.


Choi Yena : I also choose Producer Jung! Since it was my first time working with him, I was a bit worried about how it would go. However, he always approaches me first, greets me, and takes good care of me. I'm truly grateful for his kindness.


Jung Kyoung-wook : I chose Yena. I initially expected her to be full of energy. But when the cameras are off, she surprises me with her calm and reserved demeanor.



Q. Which host isn't afraid to talk about anything? 

Jung Kyoung-wook : Once again, I choose Yena. At first, I expected Hyun-ah to be the one who spoke her mind without hesitation, but Yena caught me off guard. I vividly recall her use of pantomime when we were discussing bathrooms.


Choi Yena : My choice is Do-yeon! She consistently expresses the things I could only imagine so vividly with her words and actions.


Jo Hyun-ah : Absolutely. Do-yeon has a knack for turning our thoughts into reality. (Laughs)



Q. Who exaggerates their stories or actions the most?

Jo Hyun-ah : It has to be Do-yeon, as she has a talent for adding extra flavor to ordinary stories and making them more entertaining! 


Jung Kyoung-wook : I also choose Do-yeon. She knows how to embellish a story to make it more fun and relatable.


Choi Yena : I'm going with Hyun-ah! She always comes up with the most impossible ideas, and I absolutely love that about her. :)



Q. Choose the survey topic in which Jang Do-yeon took second place below!


Choi Yena : Is it the celebrities with the most ads?


Jo Hyun-ah : Isn't it about female celebrities who look good with shortcuts?


The answer is the female celebrity you want to meet as a mentor at your first job! In a survey conducted for job seekers in 2021, Jang Do-yeon ranked second after Kim Hye-soo.


Jo Hyun-ah : This is my first time hosting a show on Mnet. When I heard I would be working with Do-yeon, I knew I had to do it.


Choi Yena : My first variety show was Prison Life of Fools in 2019, and I loved working with Do-yeon. We both made it happen! :)



The story behind recruiting the three hosts with such great chemistry

Jung Kyoung-wook : With numerous ranking shows already in existence, I aimed to create a more laid-back and friendly atmosphere that emulates a casual chat among friends. And that’s how Girls Night Out started. Do-yeon, being a renowned storyteller on various programs, was the first host we brought on board. As for Hyun-ah, she has been doing an exceptional job on her own channel, so I thought her unique personality would bring a distinctive flair to the show. Yena, the prodigious variety show talent who embodies the spirit of Generation Z idols, completed our trio of hosts. I believe combining the three would bring a perfect blend of relatability, entertainment, and genuine friendship to the show. 


Jo Hyun-ah : I’ve always dreamed of hosting a show, and I really like the way Do-yeon leads a show. And I found Yena quite familiar because I’ve been watching her ever since her debut. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to work with Producer Jung and these wonderful people!


Choi Yena : I really enjoy chatting, and I thought working with these two would be so fun, so I immediately said yes.



▲5000 & Roh Tae-hyun from the dance crew “Mbitious” (left), Eun-ha & Um-ji of “VIVIZ” (right).


So far, Girls Night Out has featured numerous guests whom each shared their fun and relatable stories, including Eun-ha & Um-ji of VIVIZ, 5000 & Roh Tae-hyun of Mbitious, Cho-rong & Nam-joo of Apink, Lee Gi-kwang, Mi-joo, and more. We hope you keep watching and supporting the show as you indulge in the lively conversations between the hosts and guests and uncover exciting new information along the way!




*<BEHIND TALK> was produced based on CJ ENM YouTube channel's "More and More Fun."

*All photos and images used in this content have been provided by Mnet.