[KCON LA 2023] DAY 1

10월. 04. 2023

Last August, the world's largest K-Culture festival, KCON LA 2023, unfolded in the vicinity of the "LA Convention Center" and the " Arena" in Los Angeles, California, USA. On the first day of the SHOW (August 18), hosted by Jang Won-young of IVE, a dazzling lineup of artists, including CRAVITY, IVE, NMIXX, Shownu X Hyung-won of MONSTA X, Taemin, Taeyong, WayV, and others, graced the stage with electrifying performances. The Arena, with a seating capacity of approximately 20,000, was filled with cheers and the glow of light sticks as fans gathered to meet K-POP artists.







▲ Host for the first day of the SHOW, Jang Won-young of IVE


▲ From a global rookie to a trendsetter, CRAVITY


▲ The leading 4th generation girl group, IVE


▲ All-rounder girl group, NMIXX


▲ The first unit of MONSTA X, Shownu X Hyung-won


▲ The role model of K-POP boy bands, Taemin of SHINee


▲ The essence of idols, Taeyong of NCT


▲ NCT’s global unit, WayV


▲ Dream Stage on the first day of KCON LA 2023 with KCONers 


▲ The first day of KCON LA 2023 was filled with fans' cheers and enthusiasm


▲ The stage of KCON LA 2023 on the first day was set up in 360 degrees to engage with a larger audience




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