[KCON LA 2023] DAY 3

10월. 04. 2023

KCON LA 2023 once again made history, drawing a record-breaking 140,000 attendees over the course of three days. On the final day (August 20) of the SHOW, the stage was set ablaze by global artists, including EVERGLOW, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, JO1, Lapillus, Stray Kids, The Boyz, and more. American singer-songwriter Destiny Rogers, The Boyz's special unit, and even the rookie group Riize, ahead of their official debut, delivered a meaningful and memorable experience for fans. The grand finale of KCON LA 2023 ended with thunderous cheers from local fans, almost shaking the entire venue.







▲ Host for the last day of the SHOW, Bang Chan of Stray Kids


▲ Performance queen, EVERGLOW


▲ Performance-guaranteed girl group, G(I)-DLE


▲ K-POP summer queen, ITZY


▲ Japanese group with K-POP DNA, JO1


▲ Performance genius, Lapillus


▲ Best global performers, Stray Kids


▲ Concept master, The Boyz


▲ Surrounded by passionate fans, Ju-yeon and Eric of The Boyz


▲ The Boyz Special Unit


▲ Another-level newcomer, RIIZE at Preshow


▲ American rising star, Destiny Rogers


▲ Interactive performance created by artists and fans, Dream Stage


▲ Artists and global fans who illuminated the Dream Stage together on the last day




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